How To Light A Gas Grill Without Ignitor – Beginners Guide

How frustrating and annoying would it be for your gas grill’s ignitor to stop functioning just when you are about to begin grilling your meat or when you are right in the middle?

Well, it is possible to light the grill without an ignitor. It can be a bit hard especially if you have never done it before but by following instructions, you can do it safely and easily.

Lightening A Gas Grill Without Ignitor Process

Step 1

Open your gas grill’s lid and hook up its gas. Gas will not have a chance to accumulate and explode with the lid closed.

Hooking up your gas involves connecting the gas line to the gas output. Gas outputs and inputs are typically followed or preceded by a shutoff regulator and are shaped like taps.

Step 2

Open the regulator that supplies gas to the grill. There should be a shutoff valve on the connector that links your gas supply to the grill.

You want to wait a while after opening the regulator. This gives the gas ample time to fill the line.

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Step 3

This is where you get to turn the gas on by placing a match in the lighting hole. This hole is usually located on one side of the grill.

You want to open the valve for the burner closest to the lighting hole fully. With the first match already on the lighting hole, use a second match to light it.

The turned on burner should be bright.

Once you light your first burner, you want to turn the regulator knobs for other burners on as well. They should light off the flame in your grill.

Some grill models may have poorly designed holes or none at all. You want to use a long matchstick and stand as far away from the grill as possible to light it.

Light Liquid Propane Grills without an Ignitor

  • How to Light Liquid Propane Grills without an Ignitor.
  • Turn off all the control knobs. You can push the knobs in and turn them clockwise until they stop to ensure they are off.
  • Turn the tank regulator counterclockwise. This will turn the liquid propane tank on.
  • Strike your match to light it and insert it using a match holder through the cooking grates to light the grill.
  • If the grill fails to ignite, turn the control knobs off and wait a few minutes for the gas to clear before trying again.

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Natural Gas Grills

  • Uncover the grill lid.
  • Turn the grill control knob off. Again, push the control knob in and turn them clockwise until they stop.
  • Turn the gas supply regulator on.
  • Take a matchstick and put it in a matchstick holder then strike the match to light it. Once it is lit, insert the match down through the cooking grates to ignite the grill.
  • Should the grill fail to ignite immediately, turn the grill control off, wait five minutes for the gas to clear before trying to light it again.

Word of caution: Never lean over an open barbecue when lighting your grill because the results could be fatal.

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Troubleshooting Your Grill

Your gas grill may fail to ignite for different reasons. Here are several of those reasons and possible solutions for them.

  • Always check the supply lines and gas supply. Obviously, if your gas supply line is turned off or the tank is empty, your grill will not work.

Replace any empty tank and ensure that you turn the gas supply regulator on. It is also important to check your gas supply lines for signs of wear and tear, looseness, or cracks.

Always Replace Worn Out Or Faulty Lines

  • Replace the rubber on your gas supply line if it feels stiff. You can even do it yourself because replacement parts are usually available in most home centers and hardware stores.
  • Be wary of any hissing sound particularly from the valves or connectors when the grill and gas supply are correctly hooked up.

The hissing sound could be an indication of a gas leak and this could lead to an explosion or fire. You want to turn off the gas and stop using your grill immediately if you suspect gas leakage.

  • Make it a habit to light your grill manually especially if it has a faulty starter. Each time you want to use your grill, you have to use the starter and this frequent usage may cause it to fail or break.

If you are sure that, your gas supply lines are in great condition and that your gas tank is full, manual lighting is the perfect solution for a faulty starter.

Unusual Sounds

  • Sometimes, your igniter will produce unusual sounds. If you push yours and it produces such sounds, it could be a sign of malfunction.
  • Replace your burners as required. If the ignitor seems to be working and your gas supply is fine, the issue could be the burners under the grate of your grill.

Follow manufacturer instructions for correct replacement procedures.

  • Prior to replacing any burner, try to reset its regulator first. Although this may not be possible for all grill models, ensure that you follow the instructions in the user manual if yours allows.
  • It is cheaper to replace burners by purchasing new ones from the manufacturer, home centers, or hardware stores.

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Consider This

  • Give a little bit more time for gas to get to your grill if you are dealing with a cold tank. This is because cold conditions can decrease the internal pressure of your gas tank.

Of course, this can cause the gas to freeze or flow slower than usual. You want to allow extra time for gas to flow through the supply line to your grill when the weather is cold or chilly.

  • You will not be able to use your gas tank if it is frozen. Transfer it to somewhere warm like the basement so that it can thaw.


Your gas ignitor failing to work should not stop you from using your grill. As you can see, you can manually light up your grill and use it normally.

Just follow all the instructions and adhere to precautions and you will be good to go.

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