How to Fix a Hole in a Charcoal Grill

You have enjoyed your charcoal grill for the last couple of months or years. It has served you nicely, but unfortunately, it breaks down. When you inspect it, you discover a hole in your charcoal grill. Do you discard or throw it away? Perhaps putting it on a store because it has a hole and it can no longer serve you? Or do you try and see if you can fix it?

Remember, things are bound to get old, and some break down. Your charcoal grill is one of them. If you plan to use your charcoal grill over the weekend and just realized that it has a hole, do not panic. Here is how to fix holes on a charcoal grill;

Identifying the hole

Grilling is fun, especially if you are cooking your favorite meals. But as time goes by, your grill will start to catch rust and even develop a hole. Your grill having a spot doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get rid of it. The best option is to repair it. You know where the hole is situated. When you see the side or bottom it is in; you will have an idea of fixing it.

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It also makes it easier for you to know what you require for the fixation. Before fixing the hole, ensure you are working on a cool grill.

Fixing the grill

First, you need to find an open area to work. That should not be inside the house, no matter how much spacious your home is. It’s better to do it outdoors. You can select an area in your compound or the yard if it’s available. If you had used the grill recently and still there are ashes on it, you need to clean off the ashes and debris.

To do this, you need to clean it with a brush. Ashes are very dusty most times, that’s why it’s advisable to repair the holes outside. It protects your kitchen, appliances, furniture, and the whole house from ashes flying onto them. It will also save you from cleaning the dirtied areas.


  • Gloves
  • A wire brush
  • Blue Magic quick steel
  • Paint/BBQ paint
  • Oil
  • Drill

All these are things needed to help you with fixing your charcoal grill. They are essential tools that one must have at hand. They are locally available for purchase in case you are missing a tool.

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Removing dirt from the charcoal grill

Before you start fixing the hole, you should ensure the grill is clean. It is easier to work on a dirt-free surface. Wear your gloves and use your wire brush to brush off stains that may be stuck on the grates. The wire brush can remove any food build up on the grates that may be left when cooking.

Use moderate force when brushing your grate. Do not forcefully remove the debris off the grill. If you use excessive force, you might end up breaking it and negatively impact its performance.

Remove dirt from the grill’s bottom

Use your wire brush to clean out any encrusted bits at the bottom of the charcoal grill. Fixing a hole on the grill with dirt will make the process messy. That’s why it’s important to work on a clean surface. How dirty your charcoal grill depends on the usage. Dirt accumulates over time, and ashes will cause rust when not frequently removed.

Fixing the hole in your charcoal grill

You have identified the hole, and now it’s time to fix it. You will require a solvent to grease or oil to do away with the rust. Use your charcoal grill user manual and use it as a guideline to help you with the process. Most of these user manuals have instructions that are easy to understand and follow.

Take the magic quick steel and fill in into the hole. Epoxy is a hard material when it becomes dry. Once dry, you can paint on it when it has cured. Scrape off what is in excess before it dries up.

Please leave it to cure for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

You can choose to use BBQ paint, and the result will look like steel. You do not have to limit yourself to one as using a variety helps in withstanding temperature to up to 2400 degrees. Barbeque paints may seem a bit pricy, but they are worth the money.

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Testing the fixed hole

Once the epoxy gets cured, you can freely test your charcoal grill if it’s working. One way is to do it visually. As long as the hole is no longer visible, it’s fixed. Reassemble the grill and fill it with charcoal. Be keen to check if there are any drops of charcoal falling off. If there isn’t, you can be sure that you have done a great job. You can comfortably go back to grilling your favorite meal on your refurbished grill.

In case you were fixing a bigger hole and wanted it resized, you can drill on the epoxy to create a small hole. It creates a vent for airflow while cooking. Make sure to sand the area and then paint it. It’s advisable to regularly maintain your grill, even if not used, to avoid rust and holes developing soon.


Sometimes these holes can be left as vents to allow more air when you are grilling food. But it’s best to fix the spot if you won’t be needing it as a vent. A giant hole will call for repair if it’s at the bottom. It will make the grill not able to hold enough charcoal for cooking. Clean your charcoal grill before fixing the hole. Greasy debris on the area will make the epoxy not to stick perfectly. Quick steel high temperature is the best option to use to improve a spot on any charcoal grill. If you are on a budget and trying to save, doing it yourself will be a better way to save some money.

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