How to Clean Ceramic Griddle: 7 Easy Ways to Make it Shine

Ceramic griddles are durable kitchen utensils used to cook crispy eggs, bacon, and many other breakfast items. When properly cleaned after each use, the griddle will remain in good shape for several years, even with the simplest care methods. This article will give you tips on how to clean ceramic griddle.

What will you need to clean a ceramic griddle?

So you’re planning on cleaning a ceramic griddle. The first thing you’ll need is a clean and dry sponge. You’ll also need a mixture of dish soap and water in a bowl. Fill the sponge with the mixture, and it should be wet enough. You’ll then need to scrub the skillet with the sponge so that it can get into all the nooks and crannies. Scrubbing will loosen the stuck-on food. The things you need:

  1. Warm water.
  2. Soft cloth
  3. Cleaning brush
  4. Materials
  5. Dishwashing soaps & detergent
  6. Baking Soda
  7. Hydrogen peroxide (if you need it)

Instructions for cleaning a ceramic griddle

1. Cooldown your griddle

Cooldown your griddle with ice cubes if you can, If not you can do it with water. Then use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe it dry. Don’t use this same cloth or paper towel on your griddle afterwards for cleaning. Cooldown the ceramic griddle for an hour.

2. Wash your griddle with soapy water

A ceramic griddle is a flat cooking surface used to cook food with oil. You cannot use a dirty griddle, so you must wash it with soap and water before use. It would be best if you also cleaned it after every use. While washing the griddle, do not allow water to sit on it for too long. You should limit the time to approximately two minutes. The best method of cleaning a ceramic griddle is to use a non-abrasive scrubber. It will remove the cooked food without scratching the surface.

clean grill with soapy water
Clean grill with soapy water

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3. Scrub with sponge

A way to clean a ceramic griddle is to soak it for 10 minutes in a sink full of hot water and dish soap. Once soaked, take the griddle out of the sink and scrub it with a sponge and mild detergent. There is no need to use steel wool or abrasive pads to remove the natural patina on the griddle.

Once your griddle is completely clean, let it air dry and re-season before you put it back into use. It’s also important to dry the griddle after cleaning it and periodically season it with oil or butter. This will keep the ceramic griddle in good condition for a long time.

4. Cleaning with brush

You can clean the griddle with a brush to remove any food and stains. Use a natural-bristled brush. You will still need a brush to scrub it if food particles do not come off with a sponge. If you have been using the griddle often, you can use a scraper or brush to scrape off food that may be stuck on the surface. Make sure that you wash it with warm water and soap.

5. Rinse & dry the griddle

It is best done by rinsing the griddle with water and then drying it with a dry dish towel or paper towel. It would be best if you used the towel to wipe down the griddle with a light touch. A light touch will prevent pitting and scratching the surface. Don’t apply too much pressure, or you might end up scratching your griddle!

6. Pull out hardened food with baking soda

Cleaning With baking soda is a great way to remove hardened food from your ceramic griddle. It’s not difficult to remove stubborn food from a ceramic griddle using baking soda and water. Sprinkle the baking soda over the food, then pour the water over the baking soda. The bubbling action of the water will cause the food to come off the griddle quickly. Baking soda is an effective way to remove hardened food from a ceramic griddle. Make sure to rinse the surface well with water after using baking soda.

7. Remove discolouration with hydrogen peroxide.

If your griddle is discoloured, you can likely clean it with hydrogen peroxide. This liquid can remove the grime and return your griddle to its original state. However, hydrogen peroxide is a type of bleach, so be sure to use a paper towel when cleaning with it to avoid staining your fingers or other surfaces. Sprinkle the surface with hydrogen peroxide and scrub away with a wet sponge.

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How often should clean ceramic griddle?

The answer to this question is entirely subjective and will vary depending on the individual. It would be best if you cleaned the griddle as needed. However, it is best to do this when it is not in use at the end of the day. Cleaning it at this time will also allow for time to dry before the next day. The griddle must be allowed to dry out after cleaning to prevent bacteria growth. To clean the ceramic griddle, use water and a mild soap or detergent to clean the griddle. Rinse the surface and dry it with a cloth or paper towel.

Few crucial advice to keeping ceramic griddle long lasting

It would be best if you cleaned a ceramic griddle after each use to maintain its good condition. It should be scrubbed with soap and water and then rinsed off, dried, and stored away. A ceramic griddle should never be soaked in water or any liquid. It should also be kept away from the microwave and should not be placed under direct sunlight.

It would be best if you did not use it for cooking food that is heavy in fat because fats tend to stick on it and cause stains. However, you can remove these stains by using a stainless steel cleaner. You should not use a ceramic griddle for cooking acidic foods such as tomatoes and lemon since this can also cause stains. Some people prefer to season their ceramic griddles before using them.

Bonus: Cleaning tips to keep ceramic cookware long lasting

You don’t have to worry about clean ceramic cookware. With a few simple steps, you can clean your cookware and make it last longer. Cleaning ceramic cookware is not that hard, as long as you know what you’re doing. In the first place, you should never use any abrasive cleaners on your ceramic cookware. It includes steel wool, scouring pads, and even coarse salt. These can all damage your ceramic cookware.

  • After cooking, you need to clean your cookware regularly.
  • Wash your pans by hand, not in the dishwasher.
  • When cleaning your ceramic pan, make sure you wash the item in hot water and scrub the pan with a sponge.
  • You can use a paste of dish soap and water. Just moisten the sponge with the solution and rub it over the dirt.
  • Never leave food to burn in your pan because this will create a layer of carbonized oil that will not come off quickly.
  • Never let wet food, milk, or water stay in the pan for long periods.
  • Use cooking spray to prevent food from sticking to the pan.
  • If you cook with a non-stick skillet, NEVER use metal utensils.

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Last Word

Ceramic griddles are easy to clean as long as you know how to go about it. One of the essential things when cleaning a ceramic griddle is to use soap. The soap is needed to break down any grease that is on the surface of the griddle. You can use a good old fashioned scouring pad for cleaning the pores on the ceramic surface of the griddle. This is a crucial step because this is the first step in keeping the griddle looking and working like new. Protecting Your Ceramic Griddle from scratches & stains is just as important as maintaining it in tip-top shape.

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